"Cryptocurrency as the Financial Solution."

What We Do...

Trinity Lab connects cryptocurrency and various business models to the world

Trinity lab connects Ethereum Blockchains to people


Ethereum Blockchain

Trinity lab develops the Ethereum Blockchain platform, ensuring the stability and transparency of
the coins.

R&D for Service Development

Trinity lab develops solutions that can be used in the Ethereum dAPP ecosystem.

Security Assurance.

Trinity lab ensures the world-class security.

White Paper Authorship and Assessment

Trinity Lab White Paper team creates link between business models and blockchain
technology by assessing the business model.

ICO marketing

Flawless Whitepaper and marketing strategy leads to a successful ICO.
Trinity Lab has its own solution from deployment of the coin to successful ICO.

Blockchain Cryptocurrency


Blockchained Enterprise

Original digitized currencies can be transformed into cryptocurrency with our service.
Trinity lab enables various business activities through our cryptocurrency.
by avoiding financial regulation, corporate service costs and time can be reduced.

Professional Security Advisory Cryptocurrency Exchange

Our Security expert will assess the hackability of the Cryptocurrency Exchanges and advise on top of
the assessment.


Cryptocurrency transaction database management and exchanges will be easier with our wallet UI

Trinity Lab

Mobile Audio Recognition (2013-2014)
Gyroscope Sensor Audio Recognition (2014-2016)
Founded Trinity Lab in 2016
Gyroscope Sensor Voice Recognition (2015-2017)
Blockchained Audio fingerprinting Server Development (2017- )
Ethereum Token Development (dAPP)(2017- )
On going project (2018 - )
-Seed Foundation Blockchain Development
-Three ERC 20 based token development for environmental projects
  and patent trading platform.
-Developing Eco-friendly Blockchain ERC 20 based token
-Developing crypto-currencies & block-chain solutions for cosmetics
  and gold exchange companies and US based energy trading
-Developing Super-Wallet, Pioneering Encryption and systems
  engineering technology
-Developing block-chain technology for security systems for
  transmitting data to the control centers for hi-tech military
  applications including drones and radars.

Our Team

Chee Whan, Chung

■ Trinity Lab CEO

■ NewYork Times at Equity Advertising Agency, NewYork.

■ Cheil Communication Worldwide

■ Walt'sComm, Canada

■ English Language and Literature at Korea University

■ Communications at SUNY(State University of NewYork),

John, LEE

■ Trinity Lab CFO

■ Group TK, CFO (Global)

■ Samsung Group International Business, M&A Group

■ Vice President of Bank ofAmerica (USA)

■ Regional Vice President of AXA Group

■ Assistant Vice President of Salomon Smith Barney

Edward, Yi

■ Trinity Lab Chief Technical Director

■ Leads Blockchain and Software Engineer

■ Former CEO at Hitec LED Innovation

■ Former LED Sign Software Engineer at Hitec LED

■ Former Chief Security Officer at Blackshield

■ Graduated from University of Texas at Austin

Hyun Bae, Kil

■ Trinity lab chief technical engineer

■ Mozilla‘Firefox’Security Advisor

■ Mobile gyro-sensor voice&audio recognition solution

■ Decentralized(Blockchain) audio server project

■ Hyperledger project

■ Steemit dApp development

■ Hanyang University

Dong Yup, Lee

■ Trinity Lab developer

■ python

■ Matlab

■ Rprogramming

■ go

■ solidity

■ Maco coin white paper

■ University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Yeon Soo, Chung

■ Trinity Lab developer

■ solidity

■ go

■ linux kernel compile

■ Maco coin white paper

■ Konkuk university

Dr. Won Ik, Lee

■ Trinity Lab. Marketing Advisor

■ Group TK, CEO

■ subsidiaries include

■ Golden Lion Cinema

■ Lionsgate Energy

■ Hitec LED

■ Blackshield

■ Spiderwood Studio

■ Coin Genesis

■ bitXron

■ Holder of several Patents including Transforming Bike
   and Revolutionary Drones and next generation helicopters

Chris Johnson

■ Trinity Lab. Financial Advisor

■ International Business Advisor

■ Global commodity investor

■ Crypto Technology Strategy Advisor

■ BS Electrical Engineering, BSMath, J.D. and
   M.B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin

“We develop Ethereum tokens and blockchains for the world.”

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